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Mirror Folders

Freeware tool to mirror folders

Mirror Folders is a free tool for Windows. It integrates with the Windows Explorer and extends its context menu. Its purpose is quick mirroring of the folder structure between two root folders. These two root folders are symmetry axis of the mirror.

If you open the context menu of Windows Explorer on some subfolder of the first root folder, Mirror Folders tool searches for a folder in the second root folder, which is alike nested as the subfolder of the first root folder. Is the other subfolder found, it will be opened. Otherwise it will be created, keeping the same folder hierarchy as for the subfolder in the first root folder. Both subfolders are mirrored.

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Where you can use Mirror Folders? Please look at the following examples:

Example 1 - Quick switching between the private and public folder

There is public data on your hard disk, i.e. installation programs of your applications. Such setup.exe you could copy to the folder C:\Local\public. This folder is public and this is not critical if your setup.exe will be accessible to others or even deleted. You can always download it from the manufacturer's page again.

The file serial.txt with the serial number to your setup.exe should not be placed in the same public folder, simply for security reasons. This file should be located in the folder C:\Local\private which is strictly private and encrypted. How could it be possible, to have a quick access to these both files, without tedious navigating through the folder tree?

You link two root folders in the Mirror Folders tool. The first root folder is C:\Local\public and the second one is C:\Local\private. You build the mirror. In the folder, where your setup.exe is located, on the public side of the mirror, you open the context menu of the Windows Explorer. There you can open the folder on the private side of the mirror, where your serial.txt is saved. In such a way you can jump between the private and the public mirror side back and forth.

Note! Such graduation of public and private folder is very convenient. You can individually choose the best security and backup policy for your private and public folder.

Example 2 - Mirror the folder structure on your backup hard disk and on your laptop

Every day you work with your PC. After work you make the backup. You copy the data to the external hard disk. After that, both of your plates (the one in your PC, and the backup hard disk) contain the same data and of course the same folder structure.

Imagine, you want to work with some files during your business trip. You have to copy these files to your laptop, and after the journey copy them back to your backup hard disk - to their original folders. How could it be possible to copy all the files at once, without searching on the backup hard disk for the right folder for each file you copy?

The best way would be saving these files on your laptop regarding their folder structure. 

Without Mirror Folders
Most of the backup software can not restore just few selected files from the backup medium. They can restore only the the whole backup (whole folders with all contained subfolders and files).
This whould have some handicaps:
  1. it would take long
  2. capacity of your laptop hard disk could be not sufficient
  3. for data protection reasons it is not secure to hold all of your data on the laptop

With Mirror Folders
You link two root folders. One root folder is the backup hard disk, and the second one is your laptop's drive. Again you have created both sides of the mirror. Now you can easy restore the folder structure on the laptop. After the journey, you copy your files to the backup hard disk to their original folders. This is no problem for you, as the folder structure on the both sides of the mirror is equal. Is it simple enough?

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Functions overview

  • easy installation and deinstallation through setup.exe
  • completely for free, thus Freeware
  • english and german user interface

Download the Mirror Folders now and enjoy its simplicity of use. It doesn't cost a cent!

What others say about Mirror Folders

"Mirror Folders" has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future.